Maianthemum racemosum

feathery false lily of the valley


The Basics

Taxonomy: Kingdom - Plantae (plants). Subkingdom- Tracheobionata (vascular plants). Superdivision - Spermatophyta (seed plants). Division - Magnoliophyta (flowering plants). Class - Liliopsida (monocotyledons). Subclass - Liliidae. Order - Liliales.
Family - Liliaceae (lily). Genus - Maianthemum F.H. Wigg. (mayflower). Species - Maianthemum racemosum (feathery false lily of the valley).

Ecology: Moist, open woodland, streambanks; < 2000 m. Northwestern California, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Central Western California, Transverse Ranges; to Alaska, eastern North America. Mar-Jul. Feathery false Solomon's-seal is a common wildflower of moist deciduous forests throughout New England. It was widely used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes, especially the root. The ripe fruits are edible.

Rhizome: 5-10 mm diam.

Stem: 30-90 cm, glabrous to finely hairy above.

Leaf: >5, 7-20 cm, ovate to oblong-elliptic, acute to acuminate, glabrous to finely hairy abaxially; petioles 0.



Leaf arrangement
Alternate: there is one leaf per node along the stem.
Leaf blade shape
The leaf blade is elliptic (widest near the middle and tapering at both ends).
The leaf blade is ovate (widest below the middle and broadly tapering at both ends).
Leaf blade length
90–170 mm
Flower petal color
Flower petal length
0.5–1 mm
Petal fusion
The perianth parts are separate.
Inflorescence type
The inflorescence is a panicle (branched with the individual flowers on stalks).
Ovary position
The ovary is above the point of petal and/or sepal attachment.
Fruit type (specific)
The fruit is a berry (fleshy, with the wall enclosing one or more sections, with two or more seeds).
Fruit length
4–6 mm


No serious insect or disease problems.

Roots do not like to be disturbed.

Dry areas.


Inflorescence: panicle, 5-12 cm; flowers > 20.

Flower: perianth parts 6, 1-2 mm, stamens, erect, narrowly oblong; ovary chambers 3.

Fruit: 5-7 mm, red, dotted purple.

Seed: 2.5-6 mm, brown.

Species Distribution


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