This is the 2020 species list for WILD 3820. Species are subject to change based on lectures and labs, and most importantly, the mounting of the specimens that we collect each summer. Students should be able to identify these species from samples, close-up photographs, landscape photographs, and understand what differentiates each species from the others.

The numbered "L" columns refer to the lab lecture during which each species was taught (e.g., L1 is the first lab lecture of the semester). Most plants have been organized into regions, but some plants are found throughout the West or have been newly introduced. For 2020, the plant specimens have been compressed into the nine lab sessions before Thanksgiving break to allow for a comprehensive review and the lab final before the end-of-in-person instruction (Note: this page is in progress until August 31, as I rearrange the course).

Lab lecture #1 - Pinaceae systematics with an emphasis on species found in Utah.

Lab lecture #2 - Non-pine gymnosperms.

Lab lecture #3 - The Colorado Plateau.

Lab lecture #4 - California Forests I.

Lab lecture #5 - California Forests II.

Lab lecture #6 - Pacific Northwest Forests I.

Lab lecture #7 - Pacific Northwest Forests II.

Lab lecture #8 - Widely Distributed Plands I.

Lab lecture #9 - Widely Distributed Plands II.

Lab lecture #10 - Comprehensive Plant Review, emphasis on difficult taxa.

Lab period #11 - Comprehensive Plant ID Final.

 Species  Family  Linnaeus  Life Form  Mount* L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9
 Abies amabilis  Pinaceae    Tree ABAM X    
 Abies bifolia  Pinaceae    Tree ABLAL X  
 Abies concolor  Pinaceae    Tree ABCO X
 Abies grandis  Pinaceae    Tree ABGR X  
 Abies lasiocarpa  Pinaceae    Tree ABLA  
 Abies lowiana  Pinaceae    Tree ABLO  
 Abies magnifica  Pinaceae    Tree ABMA X  
 Acer circinatum  Sapindaceae    Tall shrub ACCI   X
 Acer glabrum  Sapindaceae    Tall shrub ACGL  
 Acer grandidentatum  Sapindaceae    Tall shrub ACGR X
 Acer macrophyllum   Sapindaceae    Tree ACMA3 X
 Acer negundo   Sapindaceae    Tree ACNE2 X
 Achillea millefolium  Asteraceae  L.  Herb ACMI2 X    
 Achlys triphylla  Berberidaceae    Herb ACTR   X
 Adenocaulon bicolor   Asteraceae    Herb ADBI  X  
 Alnus incana  Betulaceae    Tree ALINT X
 Alnus rubra  Betulaceae    Tree ALRU   X
 Amelanchier alnifolia  Rosaceae    Shrub AMAL2   X
 Arceuthobium campylopodum ssp. abietinum  Viscaceae    Mistletoe ARCA X
 Arctosyaphylos patula  Ericaceae    Shrub ARPA6   X
 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  Ericaceae  (L.) Spreng.  Shrub ARUV   X
 Athyrium filix-femina  Dryopteridaceae    Fern ATFI X
 Balsamorhiza sagittata  Asteraceae    Herb BASA3 X
 Berberis aquifolium  Berberidaceae    Low Shrub BEAQ   X
 Berberis nervosa  Berberidaceae    Low Shrub MANE2   X
 Berberis repens  Berberidaceae    Low Shrub MARE11   X
 Blechnum spicant  Blechnaceae    Fern BLSP   X
 Calochortus nuttallii  Liliaceae    Tree CANU
 Calocedrus decurrens  Cupressaceae    Tree CADE27 X
 Cannabis sativa  Cannabaceae  L.  Herb CASA   X  
 Carex pachystachya  Cyperaceae    Sedge CAPA   X
 Castanea dentata  Fagaceae    Tree CADE12 X
 Castilleja miniata  Orobanchaceae    Herb CAMI X
 Ceanothus cordulatus  Rhamnaceae    Shrub CECO   X
 Ceanothus integerrimus  Rhamnaceae    Shrub CEIN3 X
 Ceanothus parvifolius  Rhamnaceae    Shrub CEPA4   X
 Cercocarpus ledifolius  Rosaceae    Shrub CELE3 X
 Chamaebatia foliolosa  Rosaceae    Shrub CHFO   X
 Chamaecyparis lawsoniana  Cupressaceae    Tree CHLA X
 Chamerion angustifolium  Onagraceae  (L.) Scop.  Herb CHAN9   X
 Chrysolepis chrysophylla  Fagaceae    Tree CHCH7 X
 Chrysolepis sempervirens  Fagaceae    Shrub CHSE   X
 Claytonia parviflora  Portulacaceae    Herb CLPA5 X
 Clintonia uniflora  Liliaceae    Herb CLUN2   X
 Corallorhiza mertensiana  Orchidaceae    Herb COME17   X
 Cornus canadensis  Cornaceae  L.  Herb COCA13   X
 Cornus nuttallii  Cornaceae    Tree CONU X  
 Cornus sericea   Cornaceae  L.  Shrub COSE16   X
 Corylus cornuta subsp. californica  Betulaceae    Shrub COCOC   X
 Cytisus scoparius†  Fabaceae    Shrub CYSC X
 Equisetum arvense  Equisetaceae  L.  Horsetail EQAR X
 Fragaria virginiana  Rosaceae    Herb FRAGA X    
 Frangula californica  Rhamnaceae    Tree FRCA   X
 Frangula purshiana  Rhamnaceae    Tree FRPU7 X
 Fraxinus latifolia  Oleaceae    Herb FRLA X  
 Gaultheria shallon  Ericaceae    Shrub GASH   X
 Ginkgo biloba†  Ginkgoaceae  L.  Tree GIBI2 X  
 Goodyera oblongifolia  Orchidaceae    Herb GOOB X
 Hedera helix†  Araliaceae  L.  Vine/Shrub HEHE X
 Holodiscus discolor  Rosaceae    Shrub HODI X  
 Holodiscus dumosus  Rosaceae    Shrub HODU  
 Iris hartwegii  Iridaceae    Herb IRHA X  
 Juniperus communis  Cupressaceae  L.  Shrub JUCO
 Juniperus osteosperma  Cupressaceae    Tree JUOS X
 Juniperus scopulorum  Cupressaceae    Tall shrub JUSC2  
 Larix occidentalis   Pinaceae    Tree LAOC X
 Leucothoe davisiae  Ericaceae    Shrub LEDA   X
 Linnaea borealis  Linnaeaceae  L.  Low Shrub LIBO3   X
 Lithocarpus densiflorus  Fagaceae    Tree LIDE   X
 Lonicera involucrata  Caprifoliaceae    Shrub LOIN5 X  
 Lupinus latifolius  Fabaceae    Herb LULA4 X  
 Maianthemum dilatatum  Liliaceae    Herb MADI X
 Maianthemum racemosum  Liliaceae  (L.) Link.  Herb MARA7 X
 Maianthemum stellatum  Liliaceae    Herb MAST4 X  
 Menziesia ferruginea  Ericaceae    Shrub MEFE X
 Oemleria cerasiformis  Rosaceae    Shrub OECE X
 Oplopanax horridus  Araliaceae    Shrub OPHO   X
 Orobanche uniflora  Orobanchaceae    Herb ORUN X
 Paxistima myrsinites  Celastraceae    Low shrub PAMY X
 Physocarpus capitatus  Rosaceae    Shrub PHCA
 Picea engelmannii  Pinaceae    Tree PIEN X
 Picea pungens  Pinaceae    Tree PIPU X
 Pinus albicaulis  Pinaceae    Tree PIAL   X
 Pinus aristata  Pinaceae    Tree PIAR X
 Pinus balfouriana  Pinaceae    Tree PIBA  
 Pinus contorta  Pinaceae    Tree PICO X  
 Pinus coulteri  Pinaceae    Tree PICO3 X  
 Pinus edulis  Pinaceae    Tree PIED  X  
 Pinus flexilis  Pinaceae    Tree PIFL X  
 Pinus jeffreyi  Pinaceae    Tree PIJE   X
 Pinus lambertiana  Pinaceae    Tree PILA   X
 Pinus longaeva  Pinaceae    Tree PILO X  
 Pinus monophylla  Pinaceae    Tree PIMO X
 Pinus monticola  Pinaceae    Tree PIMO3 X
 Pinus ponderosa  Pinaceae    Tree PIPO X
 Pinus sabiniana  Pinaceae    Tree PISA X  
 Polystichum munitum  Dryopteridaceae    Fern POMU   X
 Populus fremontii  Salicaceae    Tree POFR
 Populus tremuloides  Salicaceae    Tree POTR X
 Populus trichocarpa  Salicaceae    Tree POBAT X
 Prosartes hookeri  Liliaceae    Herb PRHO2 X  
 Prunus emarginata  Rosaceae    Tree PREM X
 Prunus virginiana  Rosaceae  L.  Tree PRVI X
 Pseudotsuga menziesii  Pinaceae    Tree PSME X
 Pteridium aquilinum  Dennstaedtiaceae  (L.) Kuhn  Fern PTAQ   X
 Purshia stansburiana  Rosaceae    Shrub PUST  
 Purshia tridentata  Rosaceae    Shrub PUTR2  
 Pyrola picta  Ericaceae    Herb PYPI X
 Quercus chrysolepis  Fagaceae    Tree QUCH2 X
 Quercus gambelii  Fagaceae    Tree QUGA X
 Quercus kelloggii  Fagaceae    Tree QUKE X
 Quercus vaccinifolia  Fagaceae    Shrub QUVA X
 Rhododendron macrophyllum  Ericaceae    Shrub RHMA   X
 Rhododendron occidentale  Ericaceae    Shrub RHOC X
 Ribes aureum  Grossulariaceae    Shrub RIAU X
 Ribes cereum  Grossulariaceae    Shrub RICE   X
 Ribes montigenum  Grossulariaceae    Shrub RIMO2 X
 Ribes nevadense  Grossulariaceae    Shrub RINE X
 Ribes roezlii  Grossulariaceae    Shrub RIRO X
 Rosa gymnocarpa  Rosaceae    Shrub ROGY  X
 Rubus armeniacus†  Rosaceae    Shrub RUAR X
 Rubus leucodermis  Rosaceae    Shrub RULE X
 Rubus parviflorus  Rosaceae    Shrub RUPA X
 Rubus spectabilis  Rosaceae    Shrub RUSP X
 Rubus ursinus  Rosaceae    Shrub RUUR   X
 Salix exigua  Salicaceae    Tree SAEX
 Salix scouleriana  Salicaceae    Tree SASC X  
 Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea  Adoxaceae    Shrub SANIC5 X  
 Sambucus racemosa  Adoxaceae  L.  Shrub SARA X
 Sequoia sempervirens  Cupressaceae    Tree SESE3   X
 Sequoiadendron giganteum  Cupressaceae    Tree SEGI2   X  
 Streptopus amplexifolius  Liliaceae    Herb STAM2   X
 Symphoricarpos albus  Caprifoliaceae    Shrub SYAL X
 Symphoricarpos mollis  Caprifoliaceae    Low shrub SYMO X
 Symphoricarpos oreophilus  Caprifoliaceae    Shrub SYOR
 Tamarix ramosissima†  Tamaricaceae    Tree TARA X
 Taxus brevifolia  Taxaceae    Tree TABR2 X  
 Thelypteris nevadensis  Thelypteridaceae    Fern THNE   X
 Thuja plicata  Cupressaceae    Tree THPL   X
 Tiarella trifoliata  Saxifragaceae  L.  Herb TITR   X
 Torreya californica  Taxaceae    Tree TOCA X  
 Trientalis latifolia  Primulaceae    Herb TRLA X
 Tsuga heterophylla  Pinaceae    Tree TSHE X  
 Umbellularia californica  Lauraceae    Tree UMCA X
 Vaccinium parvifolium  Ericaceae    Shrub VAPA X
 Vaccinium membranaceum  Ericaceae    Shrub VAME X
 Vaccinium ovalifolium  Ericaceae    Shrub VAOV X
 Vaccinium ovatum  Ericaceae    Shrub VAOV2 X
 Vaccinium uliginosum  Ericaceae  L.  Shrub VAUL X
 Vancouveria hexandra  Berberidaceae    Herb VAHE X  
 Veratrum viride  Liliaceae    Herb VEVI   X  
 Vicia americana  Fabaceae    Herb VIAM   X
 Xerophyllum tenax  Liliaceae    Herb XETE X
 Zigadenus venenosus  Liliaceae    Herb ZIVE  
 Total species (155)       15 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 15
*Species codes are those of the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service plants database.
Species recently introduced to North America