Thelypteris nevadensis

Nevada marsh fern


The Basics

Taxonomy: Kingdom - Plantae (plants). Subkingdom - Tracheobionta (vascular plants). Division - Pteridophyta(Ferns). Class - Filicopsida. Order - Polypodiales. Family - Thelypteridaceae (Marsh Fern family). Genus -Thelypteris Schmidel. Species - Thelypteris nevadensis (Baker) Clute ex C.V. Morton

Ecology:Terrestrial in woods and meadows, especially near springs, seepage areas, and streams, Wet to moist gravel bars in the lowland zone (moist in summer, flooded in winter);0--1800 m; B.C.; Calif., Oreg., Wash.


General: Deciduous perennial arising from a creeping rhizome in small clusters. Habit: Rhizome creeping, 1.5--3 mm wide; generally dormant in winter. Leaves: densely clustered, generally 40--100 cm, 8--15 cm wide; stipe scales ovate, tan, persistent; blade thin, abaxially with many short-stalked or sessile, resinous glands between and on veins, nonglandular hairs sparse on axes, veins, 0 between veins; pinnae deeply lobed, lobes +- oblong, entire to shallowly crenate. Sporangia: sori small, round; indusia hairs 0 or sparse.


Thelypteris nevadensis has a reticulum that is less regular. The spores also have ridges that extend more thean half the length of the spore. The ridges both appressed and projecting from the surface of the spores. While spores are released reproduction is mostly done by asexually. The species also spreads by rhizomes to different areas.

Species Distribution


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